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Hopefully this gets to anyone, though i seriously doubt it, i've never managed to stand out in a crowd. but i have begun to get serious with my writing and am making semi regular updates to the website.
my panname there is Crazed Inventor Lucca, please stop by and give my works a look over

Druid's Mini Bio

2009-07-21 19:31:27 by TheProducer

Druid is an acient protector of nature who lives in the Floating Forest of Akorra in an Alternate Dimension Earth.

In the novel she comes across Mike, a wayward photographer who got himself into a bit of touble trying to expose the actions of a shady logging company attempting to destroy the forest, Thus beginning a strange adventure to save the forest, and ultimately Druid's life.

Druid is 26, and slim figured (28E-26-30) *i know the numbers are a little unrealistic, but it's planned in Anime form* and can not speak the english language, but does understand it. instead she makes animal sounds varying from bears and wolves, to snakes, dinosaurs and even the odd rodent. Adorned in an All Leaf dress, Druid dispises all manner of natures mutilation, be it minor or major. as she stays along side mike, she learns to speak english, (extremely broken, even near the ending) and learns alot about the influence her powers have around her, and on the world.

Druid's birth is unknown even to her tribe, one day she just appeared from the forests depths and befriended the elder of the forest. The floating forest drifts across the massive Sea and is home to many forms of environment. Plains, mountains, lake, forest, and marshlands. many dangers haunt each side of the floating forest, amoung them are rabid animals, merciless winds and torrents, and even the odd Nymph.

*Author notes*
Druid was fun to come up with, her novel is meant more as an action/adventure comedy, but has some major focus within the romance side of things also, one chapter (which will not be posted on the site i submit to) tells the story of how Mike and Druid eventually seal their bonds of love. Because of this chapter, i have to alter the storyline slightly, but not too much. I never had intention of adding a small amount of erotica to the novel, but it seemed too natural to just toss it aside, Druid has no sense of restraint, or personal space.

Druid's Mini Bio

Lack Luster Music

2009-02-19 11:50:27 by TheProducer

FL Studio 7 is a little too complex for my liking, though i enjoy the ability to actualy make the instruments play the note i want, learning how to make it play how i want it is a chore, i had better luck trying to find a girl in my life.

My music is going to be bit by bit now, i may never complete any of my works, post i'll continue to post them in hopes someone might further them, i can only hope. alot of them are really going to be basic. almost anyone would be able to make them in 5 minutes. but the perpose of them is merely for my novels. i need to get focused on them.

So to any of you who come to read this i give thanks that i made enough of an impression to have you look this far into me. should i ever get one novel published i'll be sure to update here so you people can see the true fruits of my labours.

For now Admire an old picture made By Lady A to help me out with my novels. The main Character of my trilogy, Legend Lineage

Lack Luster Music

I'm on the map!!!

2008-04-05 20:39:57 by TheProducer


yesyesyesyesyesyesyes yes yes! Haha! I've got FL7 studio!!! Haha!

I'm gonna make music and be known! AH hahaha! All thanks to Rage and Lady A! I love you guys!

I'm far to excited to get into details, i've got 5 years to make up for!! I hope I don't make these things too fast! Thank you everyone!!!

as an added bonus here is another rough sketch from Lady A, this is of Aracna, Twin sister of Arcana

I'm on the map!!!

i've luckily found someone with great artistic skills. she's made my profile picture plus many more. though none of you may ever see me place my works here, hopefullt some of you choose to read. You'll see my works at under the name crazed inventor lucca.

for now, here is one i am proud of, made by Lady Arsenic
Say hello to Druid, this ones a rough sketch

Animation may be lost, but hope isn't

Two Diamonds beneath a desert

2008-02-23 01:04:53 by TheProducer

amidst the vast audio portal great potential is always there. And few have refined it.

In my short years here i have found great music from very few artists. I've often only downloaded one from each creator, but i have finally found two diamonds within the rough.

Hania and Lady Arsenic are great vocalists, I find Hania's music spreads across the board from classical to unorthodox. Yet Lady Arsenic can place her own passion into a song very well. If i ever could i'd want these two to submit a battle of voices into AP. However that match will be a little uneven, Hania has quality audio tech, (sorry Lady A...).

If i could get my hands on audio programs I'd have plenty of songs i'd ask either to vocalize for. They both have great friendly personalities, I like nothing more in a person then a willingness to accept work from others, especially since i have no way to make my own music.

These two have supplied me with a full CD's worth of inspirational music to write my novels to, but should they become famous and have actual albums come out, I'm still gonna get them, but they'll be safely placed in a vault.

I wish the two of them luck, either here within Newgrounds, or in the world outside.

Edit: I decided to add a few more drawing to get my characters known. This one here is Twin sister to Aracna, Arcana

Two Diamonds beneath a desert

Writing novels is hard work for someone that sees things in Anime form. I often regret the fact i never payed enough attention in my computer classes to learn basic flash. Now my only option is to possibly hire someone to animate for me, but a dream can't be seen through others eyes.

I have several compilations, some i hope you people will enjoy, either in animated form or written on a website free to be seen and posted (you can message me to find out the site, i'm not sure if i can post it in here or not). I have several titles, one of which is currently on rewrite number 11 (two more till my lucky number).

If any of you are intrested, search as many free literary sites as you like, here are some titles to look for, hopefully they aren't actually taken on another site.

The Forgotten Lineage: Gods and Mortals Alike -> Book 2 of 3
Quest for Blood: Return of Humanity -> book 1 of 3
Femme Fatale Samurai -> book 3 of 3
Avast! Cryptic Seas
The Grim and Reaper

As a hopeful writer i hope someone will enjoy these works, i am good with describing in acute detail, if any of these do become animated (either by me, a friend anyone or a big company) I do intend to keep them as uncensored as i describe them.

well, seeing as how no one will read this i'll just resume my writing, becoming an undiscovered nobody. have fun you damned lucky creators.